How does SysPay handle international transactions on cards issued in currencies different than my local business currency?

When your customer enters their payment card details, SysPay will recognise the card country and currency and will offer the cardholder to carry on with the transaction in their local currency..

If your customer chooses the above option, they will be charged the booking amount in their local currency. SysPay will display the exact local currency amount they will be billed for. Using the local currency payment allows customers to avoid unknown bank FX conversion fees.

As a merchant, you will still receive the exact amount as advertised by you in the currency you have indicated You will not be a subject to any currency conversion or additional fees for this service.

For instance, if you want to bill €100 to a US based customer, SysPay will offer your American customer to pay either the €100 amount or the equivalent amount in USD. Whatever the choice of your customer, you will get paid 100€ as requested.

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