I received a chargeback, what do I do now?

Contact our Antifraud team ( as soon as possible! In many cases chargeback disputes can be won. In order to dispute a chargeback, at least the following details are needed:
1. A description of the sale and a receipt / invoice / booking confirmation;

2. A link to the exact page where the booking was made. This page should show the accommodation description and the cancellation policy;

3. A copy of the checkin form signed by the client;

4. A copy of the ID card / passport presented by the client at check in (if the local law allows you to collect this copy, otherwise the ID number is enough);

5.  Copies of any emails sent to / received from the client;

6. Any other information that you may have.

Following receipt of the above documents, we will get back to you informing you whether or not we can dispute the chargeback on your behalf. Chargeback disputes can be lengthy and involve communication between the acquiring and issuing banks, as well as the card scheme, should this be required. If we respond that we are able to dispute the chargeback you will know the outcome of the dispute within roughly 50 days. 

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