How can I prevent chargebacks?

Since, unfortunately, it is not completely unheard of that fraudsters abuse hospitality providers by staying at a property and then disputing the transaction (in essence getting a free holiday), it is advisable to take action to protect yourself from fraud by following as many as possible of the below steps:

1. At checkin, take ID details, if the local law allows it, a photocopy of the ID card/passport - this is not only important for the sake of refuting chargebacks, but also in the unlikely event that the guests carry out criminal damage having his/her ID details would enable you to bring them to court. 

2. At checkin, make the guest sign a checkin form where their name and contact details are present. The amount billed as well as the first 6 and last 4 digits of the card should be displayed here as well. This way, if the client later disputes the charge you are able to produce this as signed receipt agreeing to the charge.

3. Unless it is a corporate booking, it is always advisable to ask to see the card used for reservation at checkin, so that you can verify that the name of the cardholder matches the one of the guest who is staying in the accommodation. 

4. Be extra vigilant if there are mismatches, eg. client being from country A but using a credit card from country B, or customer providing false contact details. 

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